Letters of Recommendation

To Whom it May Concern:

Alex Cardosi stands out as an example to others in terms of industry, creativity, and passion. Alex elected to take the significantly more challenging college-level Vermont Composition course, despite the fact that this class requires far more of students than a typical English class. He seeks out learning and takes advantage every available opportunity to engage in self-development. Once introduced to a concept, Alex runs with the knowledge, delving deeper into the idea by researching a variety of sources. He immerses himself in research and academic exploration, emerging flush with new ideas. His analysis and synthesis of research are consistently original. He excels at connecting conceptual ideas to the real world.

However, the most impressive asset of Alex is that he applies his knowledge. He does not learn for a test. He learns to prepare him to achieve his goals. He continually recalls information taught earlier in the year or even from other classes. He uses his accumulated knowledge to improve his understanding of the world around him and help others. I’ve seen Alex challenge apathy in a thousand ways. He does not simply accept ideas; he demands sound reasoning. Alex thinks critically, often coming up with unexpected but soundly reasoned ideas.

I can attest to his consistent quest for personal excellence. His coding, website design, and skill with computers set him apart. His passion for coding, website design, and for making sense of the world are only part of what makes Alex an exceptional student. A work ethic like Alex’s coupled with his keen intelligence spells success.
If you have any questions about Alex, please do not hesitate to contact me. I welcome further opportunity to discuss Alex’s many accomplishments and qualities


Emily Quinn

Emily Quinn
English teacher
(802) 857-7000 ext. 1719

Letter of Recommendation for Alexander Cardosi

January 2018

Distinctive Qualities: ​Alex is an incredibly dedicated, talented and passionate student. Alex has attended the Center for Technology, Essex since his sophomore year when he joined our Pre-Tech program. For his junior and senior years he has been a member of our Computer Animation & Web Design (CAWD) program, where he has been grown his coding and web design skills and is a natural leader. Alex is an introvert who has, very slowly become more communicative and outgoing through his high school career. His peers look to him to help solve complex coding problems and they take note of his design prowess. His ability to pick up languages and concepts really make him stand out.

Academics and Intellectual Growth:

  • Alex has been a straight ‘A’ student throughout his three years here at CTE. He has worked diligently and productively to stay up on his grades and has done so with (what looks like) ease. He has a strong work ethic that pushes him to see intellectual obstacles as learning opportunities and and the potential for growth.

  • Last year Alex took two college courses, Website Development, and Introduction to Python Programing. This year Alex is taking 5 college courses, Precalculus 1, Precalculus 2, Introduction to College English, English Composition, and Introduction to Linux. He will be graduating high school with 21 college credits under his belt. Alex has proven that he can handle the rigours of college coursework and is willing to rise to the occasion.

  • Alex is a member of National Technical Honor Society and is on track to be a returning member this year. He is a valued member of the organization and is a worthy recipient of such an honor.

Areas of Impact and Interests:

  • Because of his innate talent and curiosity in programing and web design, Alex often spends free time at home working on his own open source projects and teaching himself new software. He is driven by following a project through to completion and getting to see the final product.

  • Because of all of his additional studying and hard work Alex and his partner won Gold in the Vermont SkillsUSA competition for Web Design. They then went on to Kentucky to compete nationally, and WON GOLD competing against other talented students from across the country. I believe they will compete again in hopes to be a two year gold medal winner.

Additional Comments: ​Alex will be a wonderful addition to any college or university, especially one that has like minded people, and professors that challenge him and can connect him to resources to keep feeding his curious mind.


Emmy J. Charron

Emmy Charron
CTE School Counselor

To Whom it May Concern,

I would like to recommend Alex Cardosi for admission to your college. I have been Alex’s teacher for the past year now but have known Alex in my program for two years. Alex has attended the program of Computer Animation and Web Page Design (CAWD) for two years in the focus of Web Design and Multimedia Development. I feel with Alex’s skillset, they would be an excellent addition to your college.

While a student in CAWD, Alex has always challenged themselves academically. They are an active participant in class discussions, and grasps material quickly. It really helps that Alex has chosen our program of study to pursue, to get a head start in a career pathway of choice. Outside of our program, Alex has pushed themself academically to gain the skills to be prepared for immediate job or further education.

Alex is a curious individual. He constantly seeks new opportunities to further his skillsets. He really likes to try new things, new projects, and new experiences to broaden his skills. Alex uses his skills to help others around him learn as well. He has been a cornerstone to his classmates and can be a reliable teammate for group or team situations. Alex is a very tech savvy student, making it very easy for him to pick up languages, programs, or experiences that cross his path. Over the last few years, Alex has participated in college prep and college credit course (Intro to Linux, Python Programming, Web Development), National Gold Medalist for SkillsUSA Web Design competition, National Technical Honor Society, and High Honors. These accomplishments show Alex’s strive for creativity, but more importantly the strive for education.

Alex would bring so much to your school both inside and outside the classroom. If you have any questions regarding Alex’s qualifications, please feel free to contact me at (802) 734-4388 or lmoore@ewsd.org.

Sincerely, Lorand Moore
Computer Animation and Web Page Design Teacher
Center for Technology Essex

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