Senior Portfolio

Alexander Cardosi

My Path

It’s important to choose your own path in life and in academics. I chose to take control of my path by finding a program that was the right fit for me. Joining the Center for Technology, Essex has led me down a path of success; I will soon attend the Vermont Technical College (VTC), and my end goal is to become a seasoned web developer with a solid career.

The great decision to join CTE’s Computer Animation and Web Design (CAWD) program was an easy one. I always had a passion for technology, especially web design/development, so when I first discovered this program I knew it’d be the perfect fit for me. CAWD allowed me to focus on my own passion, rather than the standard high school studies. My teachers and classmates have positively influenced my life by providing me with academic and moral support when it comes to any difficulties or hardships I might encounter.

Today, I’m a part of the Computer Animation and Web Design II program and find myself enjoying it every day. I would describe myself as a very hard worker and put in my full effort when attempting any project or assignment I’m given. Reliability and initiative are the most important worker traits of mine. Hard work is pointless if you’re not reliable for deadlines or lack the initiative to accomplish your task. I find it’s important to not only reliably and efficiently turn in assignments, but also to take initiative when it comes to leadership roles.

I’ve already been accepted into VTC and hope to see myself graduate with a Software Engineering degree. I will continue my efforts of staying on top of assignments and putting in my maximum effort in order to graduate with the highest GPA possible. After graduating, I would ideally want to get a job as either a web developer or front-end developer of some kind. My ideal workplace would be somewhere like GitHub or Google.

By taking control of my life, I was able to accomplish my goals thus far, and will strive to do so in the future. Joining CAWD allowed to to better enjoy my academic life. I’m able to focus on my own passion, rather than a standard education. Once I graduate and enroll in VTC, I’m sure I’ll be right at home once again, as my major aligns perfectly with my passion. Choosing your own path is essential; your academic path is no exception.

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